Uppity Owl is a crafty owl who loves his environment. He often stumbled across objects that shouldn't be in our environment. To make earth beautiful again, he takes the "trash" and upcycles it into new and useful things. Uppity is all about living greener while enjoying the simple life.

My children's books are about creativity that benefits our earth, educating ourselves to think more critically about our environmental issues, living sustainably and how to be more responsible consumers.

About Me
I have enjoyed several years of teaching music, art and reading. I'm also a mother of two amazing boys (1 homeschooling & 1 in college) and a wife to my college sweetheart. Uppity Owl is just a reflection of the things in life that mean so much to me...teaching, crafting, music, art, owls, friends, family and loving our earth. If you'd really like to get to know me better...check out my Pinterest page. It's loaded with all kinds of beautiful things that catch my eye and in some cases my heart.

Here are a few topics that excite me...
  • Sustainable Living: Urban Farming, Solar Energy
  • Green Buildings: I'm Loving Tiny Homes! Shipping Containers that are transformed into living space...wow.
  • Organic Gardening: Is there any other way?
  • Soft Spot for Green Entrepreneurs: They're really walking the talk!
  • Avid Recycler: Working on Zero Trash Impact...it's possible!
  • Upcycler: It's just a fun way to be creative while loving the earth!
  • Diet: Let's just say if it's organic, green and yummy...it's finding it's way to my tummy!
  • Reading: It's a fundamental right that must be fundamentally fun!
  • Someone Who Believes We Can Make A Difference: I'm a little bit of hope that hopes to inspire others to make a change.

Event Bookings

I would love to share all about Uppity Owl at your school while speaking on an  array of green topics. Just send me an inquiry at: Email

Monica T. Blas
Whoo Whoo!

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