Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Photo Keychain Upcycled Craft

I went to Knott's Berry Farm a while back and bought a keychain to accompany the photo that was taken by one of Knotts ever so eager employees.  Several years later...some way, some how, the photo disappeared leaving me with this.
Instead of throwing it in the trash (because it's not recyclable) I decided to "upcycle" it.  Ah, what to do with an old photo keychain.  The obvious answer is to put another Knott's Berry Farm photo in it.  Nah.  Besides, since this adventure, I've been on several other recent adventures I'd much rather attach a photo of to my car keys than this one.  So, I decided to create a name tag for my preschooler.  You know how every preschooler looses something as soon as they get to school.  Yep, that's the inspiration for this little upcycle.  Better yet, I thought it would be adorably noticeable to attach a name tag to his lunch pail.  When lunch time rolls around, there's going to be no way any of his classmates could mistake my sons lunch for theirs.  Muahahahah

  • Old Photo Keychain
  • Letter Stickers
  • Other Shiny Stickers
  • Star Confetti
  • Old Greeting Card, white on one side

1. Pop out the clear plastic cover.
2. Cut out a rectangle from the old greeting card to fit the inside of the keychain.
3. Decorate the white side of the old greeting card with your childs name and other shiny stickers. (The shiny is important.)
4. Put the decorated name tag inside of the keychain and place a pile of confetti stars in the middle.
5. Put the clear plastic cover back into the frame and be careful to keep the confetti away from the edges while you're trying to pop it back into place.

Not only did this idea work.  It had an element of awesome to it.  The preschooler "Aden" loved it's shininess, it's personalization and didn't mind it attached to his lunch pail one bit.  As a matter of fact, his classmates adored it.  Not that's something to hoot about!
Whoot Whoot!

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