Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shopping With An Owl Lover

Is there anything more suiting than Owls in October? There's something mysterious about owls that beckon us to display them during a "frightening" holiday to add a scary seasoning...yet they're still so beautiful. There are many animals who are endangered and unfortunately, owls are no exception. A rare owl called the Forest Owl from India is critically endangered. Find out more about this beautiful creature here: Forest Owl

Here are some snapshots of my latest shopping endeavors, I hope your spooky holiday is filled with fun, laughter and lots of hoots!

Happy October!
Whoo Whoo!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Whooty Finds

Owls must be all the rave right now because everywhere I go, there they are. As soon as spring sprung, owls populated store shelves as the main attraction. At least to these eyes they were. Now I have a huge collection of owl snaps just dying to be shown off and deleted from my cell! 

Grab yourself an iced coffee and enjoy this exercise free shopping spree. ;0)



Hope you have a Whooty Day!
Whoo Whoo!