Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Super Cute Upcycled Nemo Suitcase!

I'm guilty of frequenting thrift shops...often. I love them. I'm pretty sure my enjoyment of them is rubbing off on my 5 year old. Our last trip to a local thrift shop found my little guy playing for at least an hour with old toys while I thumbed through old books. There's something about old things that find my fancy. I don't like old things in my home though. I recently told my husband I didn't understand people who decorated their home with antiques. Simply stating that if my house was decorated with nothing except antiques, it would be so ugly. (Of course, my decorating skills would have nothing to do with the final outcome being repulsive. :) But, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy visiting antique stores. The nostalgia, the trip back in time, realizing each piece was at one point in time owned by someone who found it's beauty worthy of their home...is something I do love.
Recently, I found some old suitcases at a thrift shop that needed some TLC! Well, to be honest, there was a ton of them, but, there is only 1 me. So, I bought 2 hoping to upcycle them into something fabulous! The black one has a square shape, with the cloth/leather file folder inside.



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