Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Origami Owl

The Holidays are upon us and what better way to get into the spirit than attending the annual Holiday Bazaar & Luncheon at First Assembly of God in Bakersfield, CA. I wasted no time (getting up at 5 a.m) hitting the highway for a 3 hour drive to savor homemade jellies, Ooo and Ahhh handmade quilts, dazzle the limbs with eye catching "bling" and feast upon a holiday luncheon served by all the husbands. Sheer fun!


There were 36 wonderful vendors with all the adorable gift ideas one could ever wish for. I truly enjoyed connecting with all the different vendors and seeing the excitement in their eyes as they shared about their "labors of love" on display. Many displays caught my fancy. However,  there was one display in particular I just fell in love with. What caught my eye you say? Owls of course!

It's no wonder this whooty display attracted me like a magnet. There were adorable owl vases on display only to become a distraction when my eyes made it to the jewelry on display. That's when I met Traci. Traci Bramlett, and her faithful assistant (Mom♡) run a business called Origami Owl Jewelry. They sell elegant lockets, chains, charms, dangles and plates. Traci and Mom were so helpful and warm they made me feel right at home.   

Traci walked me through all of the components that make up Origami Owl. Starting with picking out a locket with 3 different sizes to choose from. There were different metals as well as a dazzling black locket complete with a ring of bling! My favorite is the simple silver locket with no bling, I think it makes the charms pop more.

I'm sure I'm not speaking solely for myself when I say, my favorite part of putting together a locket is sorting through all of the charms. There are so many combination possibilities it will make your head spin. It's like that walk in closet you've always dreamed of. The combination possibilities are endless. I love the idea of changing out your charms to match your outfits. A versatile jewelry piece...I'm sold!

This piece reflects my tastes perfectly. Silver, elegant, not too much bling, not too big and not too heavy. I know what I'm getting for Christmas!

To create a locket that reflects your personality, love,
 hobbies, accomplishments, you name it, contact:

Independent Designer 
Traci Bramlett
Origami Owl

To Ooo and Ahh the entire line of Origami Owl Jewelry or to place an order, visit:


What's your life locket going to look like?

Whoo Whoo!

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