Sunday, November 3, 2013

November to Remember

We're putting the flip flops away and getting ready for our first winter in Oakhurst, CA! Last year we moved up here in February 2013, at the tail end of the winter season and it was amazing! Since we're from Bakersfield, CA (born and raised) snow is always magical! This year, we'll get the full winter wonderland experience and we're counting down the days. Funny thing though, this California girl isn't sure she's ready. I've been so busy enjoying the fall season I haven't done any winter shopping. Hmmm...what do I need?

Stylin Snowboots
Sassy Snow Jacket
Cute Ear Muffins
Snuggly Mittens
Cozy Scarf
Fluffy Beanie all has to match.

I've got my work cut out for me! Shopping takes planning, hunting, calculating and stamina...even if I order it online lol. Whichever way I obtain our winter goods, It'll all be worth it when we're catching snowflakes, bringing snow angels to life and making November memories to last a lifetime. Now, all I need is snow. 

Wishing Everyone a November to Remember! 

Whoo Whoo!

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