Saturday, March 30, 2013

Upcycle Craft - Owl Bag


Don't you just love looking at creative crafts that inspire?  It's one of the reasons I love Pinterest so much. It's a great place to get and share great ideas. This upcycle craft was inspired as such and I'm really excited to share it with you!
This Upcycled "Owl Bag" was constructed from a used cereal box upcycled with duct tape. It's a great way to "wrap" a gift for a friend, use to tote Hot Wheels around (as my preschooler does) or set on display with your latest owl loving decor. Whatever you do, you'll have a hoot of a time!

  • Used Cereal Box
  • Duct Tape (3 different colors, 1 of them a shimmering color)
  • Wax Paper
  • Sissors
  • Ruler 
  • Owl Print of Choice to Trace
  • Pretty Rhinestones that match/stick or whatever else you'd like to use. ;0)

Step 1: Wrap

Tape the top flaps down to the inside of the cereal box. 

Then wrap the box with duct tape from the top to the bottom. Alternate your 2 different colors. Don't use your shimmering duct tape yet.

When you reach the bottom, and if you have any hang over, cut the sides then press them flat onto the bottom of the box.

Wrap the sides of the box from side, to the bottom, up the other side covering entirely. This will give a finished look on the sides.

Wrap the top of the box with the shimmering color.

Cut corners, fold down.

Now that the wrapping is done, it's time to start adding the details.

Step 2: Adding the Top Edging





Step 3: Make Handles
Measure two strips of tape, two different colors with one of them being the shimmering color.  Tape them together (sticky side to sticky side) and twist.

Tape handles to the inside of the box.  Then add a long strip of tape to the inside for an extra layer of support.

Step 4: Make Owl 
Trace an owl of your choosing onto a piece of paper. Place wax paper over the drawing and trace the drawing with a sharpie.

Cover drawing with shimmering duct tape. Do Not press the duct tape down at all. You want the tape to come off easily when you peel it off of the wax paper.

Flip over and cut along lines.

 Peel off wax paper.

 Tape onto the box. Press tape down firmly.

Step 4: Decorate!

I even decided to use the left over shimmering duct tape and wax paper to make some additional stick on decor.

I also added some matching stick on rhinestones.

Have a Great Weekend!
Whoo Whoo!

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