Monday, December 3, 2012

Whooty December Details

December Greetings!

Is there a better month to get crafty in than December? This month, Uppity Owl will be posting like crazy with posts on fun upcycled crafts, product reviews, additional "shopping with an owl lover" posts...and, I'm doing another eBook giveaway! Whoo Whoo!

This December, I will be starting off with a varity of write-ups on crafts utilizing RoseArt products. After receiving a huge shipment of fun, crafty and creative RoseArt supplies and could I start the month off with anything else? Among the glitter glue, markers, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, pens, and crafting kids...I couldn't help but pause when I found the Scraps!  Scraps are a new toy line from RoseArt that immediately caught my eye! (As it did my 3.9 year old.) He especially enjoyed opening the Pom Pals that come as a "mystery." I must admit I was just as curious as he was!

We spent an afternoon together opening the Scraps...I took pictures and will be posting them soon. I'm even more excited about being asked to design a Christmas stocking that the new line of Scraps toys can be attached to. Be sure to check back for the tutorial.

To find out more about RoseArt's Scraps collection just click on the products above.

Whoo Whoo!

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