Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ahhh, September

September is the month we can all take a breath and exhale. The kids are back in school, the mornings are yours again and the cool weather starts to subtly set in. I even enjoyed a cup of coffee today! Ahhhhhhh

The weather was awesome today. It enticed me to spend some time outside drawing on the cement with my 3 year old. We enjoyed watching the black ants crawl to and fro while getting our hands all dirty with colors of orange, purple and green chalk!

The most exciting part of my day was when I announced the release date of my new eBook, Uppity Owl Upcycles a Brooch. And, in case you didn't know...It's October 1st, 2012. Yeah!

Here is the front cover of my eBook...

Several months of hard work has paid off. Uppity Owl Upcycles a Brooch is ready to fly!

Happy September Everyone!
Whoo Whoo!
Monica T. Blas

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