Thursday, August 23, 2012

Environmental Pondering - Puzzle Ball

Green Greetings Boys & Girls!

Uppity Owl is all about finding ways to keep our beautiful planet free of harmful things. One way to do this is to think and talk about finding solutions to our environmental problems. Here is the Environmental Pondering of the week.
Be sure to talk about it with a friend or parent...or better yet, think about what you can do to help solve the problem and ask an adult to help you take action!

Environmental Pondering of the Week
My preschooler LOVES to go bowling. So it was only appropriate to go to his cousins bowling party! The music was bumping and the bowlers were cheering for their friends! I, for one, was having a great time cheering for my husband who made 3 strikes in a row!

After a fun evening of throwing 10 pound balls down oil slick lane, we said our good byes and headed out to the truck. But, there was an obstacle in the way...guess what was right by the exit door...vending machines of course! Guess who wanted a sweet 3 year old! To keep him from having a melt down I decided I'd let him get a bouncy ball. The odd thing is when his toy came out it wasn't a bouncy ball. It was an odd plastic puzzle ball that broke into pieces when he tried to bounce it.

I wondered how long this plastic puzzle toy would keep my son happy. Then I wondered if there were any recycling symbols on the ball just in case my 3 year old lost interest in it quickly. More importantly, I wondered how many toys just like this one would end up in the trash.

  • What kind of toys do you love to get from vending machines?
  • Would you be willing to give up your favorite vending machine toys if they were not recyclable?
  • How long do the toys from vending machines keep you entertained?

I did not see any of these symbols on the plastic pieces to the puzzle ball:

 "These symbols stand for different kinds of plastic that can be recycled."

Photo Evidence

"Having a great time bowling!"

 "Plastic ball puzzle pieces next to my bowling ball. Isn't she a beauty!"

 "Did you see any recycling symbols?"

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