Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Grab vs. Snail Dry


It never fails, you step into a store to get your shopping done and all of the gotta go.  Making a bathroom pit-stop can be an inconvenience when you're in a hurry.  And, if you're like me, you want to get in and out without touching anything as quickly as possible.  (the smell alone is all it takes to put me into overdrive!)

Being green minded, one has to think about the last step of the entire process.  I'm talking about drying your hands.  I have on many accounts witnessed people passing up the dryer for a quick paper towel grab.  (guilty) The Quick Grab is all part of the rushing to get out of there asap process.  I see people using the Snail Dry as well.  Question is...which is greener?

Paper towels use trees and creates trash, blow dry uses energy and when the machine breaks...let's just say it doesn't exactly get broken down and recycled.  However, I have to go with the Snail Dry.  While air drying your hands takes longer it still has the potential to save a lot of trees.  If we can create products that can be broken down and recycled completely...then the Snail Dry wins hands down!  Even though the paper towel probably utilized some percentage of recycled paper and even though it can quickly break down in the environment (so long as it's not toxic to the environment) I'd call the fight for the Quick Grab...but, not so fast.  There's just one problem with the Quick Grab...take a long look at the photo you see it?  It's the plastic bag the paper towels go into.  How long is that going to take to break down?  Is there any toxic chemicals in that plastic bag?  How many of those plastic bags get filled per day/week/month/year/store...Snail Dry wins by a breeze!

I often use the Snail Dry over the Quick GrabIt's an extra bonus that the 4 year old loves all of the wind it creates!  I'd love to hear how you feel on the subject.  Suggestions, questions, comments and of course compliments...send em my way. ~OvO~

Quick Grab vs. Snail Dry...the next time you gotta go...who's going to win?

Have a Hootie Weekend!
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