Saturday, October 26, 2013

Uppity Owls Green Book Exchange

My 4 year old and I visit the library every week to get our weekly fill of books, educational computer games, imaginative play, story time, crafting, musical play and social interaction. Lately, we've been checking out between 15 - 20 children's books, reading them in a week and then going back for more. Our relationship with public libraries has been growing since he was 2 years old and we just can't get enough. 

One of the reasons I'm so in love with the library is because it's free. Awesome right! When I think of how much it would cost me to get those 15 - 20 new books from the bookstore it makes me cringe. A good quality hardback book costs about $16 these days. I'll let you do the math. :) Once your finished with the books, then what? What about all of the books already in your possession that your kids have outgrown or just don't show an interest in? What about all those lonely books who just want to be read again? ... please, read on. ;)
I'm always looking for ways to be more green, and being such an avid lover of childrens books, I've decided to start a green book exchange. (I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!) There are SO many books that end up in landfills, get stored in forgotten boxes, clutter, and simply just get forgotten. Wouldn't it be great to salvage those lonely books into an exchange where they are constantly being read? (No library card needed.) That's just what I've decided to do. ♥♥
I wanted to design the exchange in such a manner that the books are continually in motion and that the exchange is continually growing. This way (hopefully) the books will never be "forgotten" again. I also wanted to make the exchange super easy to participate in. All anyone will have to commit to is the promise to pass the Uppity Owl Book Box to another young reader who would love to read them...

Break Down
A. Receive Uppity Owl Book Box
B. Read Books
C. Pass Along
(Keep book box  no longer than 30 days.)

Easy, right! If a young reader finds a book they just can't let go of, there will be a sticker with the price in the upper right hand corner of the book. PayPal payments can be sent to:

The price will never be more than 50% of the book or more than $5. This will help me offset some of my expenses. ;) Otherwise, read them all for free and pass them all along for Free!

I haven't begun to mention all of the green aspects of this project.
* Reusing Books
* Saving them from Landfills
* Reducing Spending
* Recycling fond childhood stories and memories.

Gently used books, new childhood memories!
Whoo Whoo!

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